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Sree Rama Jewels, since its inception, has made a significant commitment to quality in both its goods and customer service. The goal is to push limits in order to achieve greatness while adhering to ethical and sustainable business standards.

With the same goal in mind, Shree G. Venkatarathnam Chetty embarked on a small jewellery business begun by Shree G. Sreeramaiah Chetty in Palamaner in 1940. When G. Venkatarathnam Chetty relocated to Bangalore, his 14-year-old son, G. V. Sreedhar, took over the business and expanded it from a 100-square-foot shop to a 1000-square-foot showroom. 

Mr. Sreedhar’s journey began with a 100-square-foot shop in Nagarthpet’s Sridevi Market before eventually expanding to a 300-square-foot space. After a few years, he started a 500 sq. ft. shop in Avenue Road Circle, and subsequently expanded the same into a 1000 sq. ft shop. Under the leadership of Mr. Sreedhar, the company achieved its zenith in 2011 with a 7000 sq ft showroom situated in his own building in Vijayanagar.

He was elected president of the Bangalore Jewellers Association in 2004. He then joined GJF and was elected chairman of the All India Gems and Jewellary Federation (GJF). He was chosen as a JTAC valuer at Tirupathi Tirumala Devastanam in 2011. He is now continuing to provide this service. He was President of the Avenue Road Commercial Association for ten years (TARCA). He received the most prestigious, ‘JEWEL OF THE YEAR’ award in 2017.

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God casts his light on those who work hard, has a dedicated mind and a kind heart.
G. V. Sreedhar